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Simplex TrueAlert ES addressable appliances and speakers take notification to a whole new level, enhancing protection and saving costs over the life span of the system. The industry’s most advanced line of fully addressable notification solutions, TrueAlert ES appliances and speakers are constantly monitored to ensure they are ready to work when needed. Patented self-test capability detects speaker, sounder, and strobe faults in seconds and logs test results from each appliance in the control unit. Testing an entire system can be done quickly and without disrupting building occupants, allowing facility managers to avoid tedious and expensive manual testing.  

TrueAlert ES is a complete family of products designed to handle virtually any application. The product line includes strobes, horns, horn/strobes, addressable speakers, and speaker/strobes, a series of compact and highly efficient addressable LED appliances, and multi-tone appliances that meet NFPA 72 requirements for low-frequency notification. Appliance properties such as tone and candela rating are individually managed at the control unit, making reconfiguration and replacement fast and easy.



Test your addressable appliances and speakers in seconds without having to visit them. Save time, reduce labor, and eliminate occupant disruption.


Simplex addressable notification solutions lead the market in flexibility, performance, and reliability, offering easier design and more cost effective installation.


Intelligent appliances are uniquely identifiable, individually programmable, and easier to maintain.


With more efficient installation, automated testing, easier reconfiguration, and simplified expansion, Simplex addressable notification solutions save you time and money throughout the life of your system.

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