Smart Ways to Alert and Guide People in an Emergency

If your facility doesn’t need an addressable fire alarm system, you can still take advantage of Simplex innovation with TrueAlert non-addressable notification appliances and speakers. This broad line of devices provides a wide selection of notification options that are automatically ADA-compliant and easy to install.

  • Automatic compliance with synchronization requirements satisfies the ADA
  • High-quality audio and excellent message intelligibility
  • Thoughtful design enables faster, easier, and lower-cost installation

  • Energy-efficient, programmable appliances make systems easy to design, install, maintain and expand
  • A broad range of appliances can meet the needs of nearly any application
  • Automatic compliance with notification appliance synchronization requirements satisfies the ADA

  • Users can select from seven tones with high and low decibel (dBA) settings. Strobes can be set at candela ratings from 15 to 185
  • NFPA-compliant, 520Hz low frequency sounder is more effective at waking sleepers
  • Automatic compliance with notification synchronization requirements satisfies the ADA

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