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The Simplex 4100ES is designed to handle complex facility requirements with ease, bringing addressable technology and scalable design flexibility to medium and large facilities and multi-building campus networks.

In addition to supporting up to 3,000 addressable points, the 4100ES is networkable, offers integrated voice notification/audio capability, firefighter telephones, and is listed for multi-hazard suppression release control. An optional large, configurable, color touch screen display provides a wealth of information and an intuitive, easy-to-use interface.

  • Support communication between firefighters within a facility and a master phone located in the fire command center
  • Portable handsets carried by firefighters are plugged into wall plates to provide communication
  • Phone assemblies are available for either surface or flush mounting or as separate phone sets for plugging into dedicated remote phone jack stations

  • Remote fire alarm control unit status and control keep users informed and in charge
  • Microphone and firefighter master telephone improve communication and emergency response
  • Choose either an LCD or color touch screen display

  • A perfect, addressable solution for large buildings, campuses, and applications requiring voice evacuation
  • High-speed, IP-based networking supports advanced data, voice, and firefighter telephone communication
  • Forward/backward compatibility protects your investment and makes it easy to keep current with the latest technology

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