4007ES Fire Alarm Control Units

Addressable fire alarm control unit for small to mid-size facilities with networking

Deliver advanced alarm system performance in your small to mid-size facility with the Simplex 4007ES control unit, packed with powerful features to optimize protection.

  • Powerful, flexible addressable protection for small to mid-size buildings
  • Network the 4007ES with other Simplex fire alarm control units and graphical workstations to create a campus-wide, connected life-safety solution
  • The 4007ES supports industry-leading Simplex TrueAlert ES self-testing, addressable notification appliances and TrueAlarm addressable sensors
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All-in-one Solution

The Simplex 4007ES fire alarm control unit brings advanced Simplex performance to smaller facilities without missing out on the perks. We’ve packed it with many of the features found in our larger capacity control units, like networking, multi-hazard suppression release control, building system integration, TrueAlert ES addressable notification technology and a color touchscreen display, all in a compact, cost-effective package. With a streamlined design, small footprint and excellent flexibility, the Simplex 4007ES is a powerful solution for a wide variety of projects, including:Primary or secondary schools, small to mid-size office buildings, libraries, municipal buildings, retail shops, small healthcare facilities, small buildings on a campus, small multitenant residential facilities.
All-in-one Solution


  • Sized right:The 4007ES is ideal for small to mid-sized buildings (100 to 250 points).
  • Suppression release support:The unit is agency-listed for multi-hazard suppression release applications.
  • Addressable performance: The 4007ES is compatible with Simplex TrueAlert ES self-testing, addressable notification appliances and TrueAlarm addressable sensors.
  • Flexible, addressable wiring infrastructure:Upgrading and expanding systems is easy and cost-effective.
  • Networkability: The 4007ES can network with other Simplex fire alarm control units and graphical workstations.
  • Easy, intuitive operation:A 4.3" (10.9 cm) color touchscreen makes it simple for anyone to operate.
  • Annunciator support:Users can add a matching color touchscreen annunciator offering a full-function, passcode-protected remote user interface with key switch control.


True Addressability

Enabling you to easily manage each device on your life safety network, addressability means lower installation and maintenance costs, fewer nuisance alarms, and convenient self-testing.

Forward/Backward Compatibility

Simplex fire alarm control units are designed so you can leverage your existing infrastructure for cost-effective upgrades and expand your systems with minimal disruption.

Flexible, Tailored Solutions

Simplex fire alarm control units are scalable, feature-rich and offer easier installation, lower lifecycle costs and operational efficiency.

Greater Long-Term Value

With design flexibility, easier installation, improved operational efficiency and addressable technology, Simplex fire alarm control units save you time, money, and labor throughout their lifecycle.