Foundation Series Conventional Fire Alarm Control Units

Foundation Series 4-zone and 8-zone conventional fire alarm control units for small facilities.

Foundation Series conventional fire alarm control units support up to four or eight zones and provide reliable initiating circuit monitoring, programmable control and central station connectivity using a built-in SDACT.

  • Protection designed to meet the needs of your small to mid-size facilities.
  • Designed for buildings under four stories tall and less than 25,000 sq. ft.
  • Save on technician training. Training provided via free, short online tutorial videos that can be viewed any time.
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A family of products engineered for small to mid-size projects

Project size is no longer a barrier to quality. Foundation Series fire alarm controls and devices deliver performance, reliability and scalability in a value-priced system for projects under four stories and less than 25,000 sq. ft. Choose from two conventional fire alarm control unit configurations. The 2004FS supports four detection zones, one synchronized NAC, two LED annunciators, an onboard conventional DACT and LED user interface. Program using integrated DIP switches. The 2008FS supports up to eight detection zones, two synchronized NACs, four LCD annunciators, and an onboard conventional DACT. It includes a 2x20 LCD and membrane keypad and can be programmed at the panel or via PC software. Foundation Series products feature intuitive design to guide technicians through commissioning. Training and certification are offered via free online videos.
A family of products engineered for small to mid-size projects


  • Small footprint and flexible configuration options – We took the complexity out of system design.
  • Compatibility with conventional and third-party notification appliances – Users can mix and match conventional notification appliances to meet the needs of each facility and budget; perfect for retrofits reusing existing appliances.
  • Ideal for retrofitting – Selectable end-of-line (EOL) resistor values enable easy adaptation to multiple vendors’ systems.
  • Fast installation – Online tutorials make installation simple for entry-level installers.
  • Low system cost – The unit works with low-cost conventional detectors to keep overall system cost low.
  • Multiple connectivity options – The unit supports connectivity to central station using SDACT.


Ease Of Use

Simple interface and LCD makes the Foundation Series easy for operators and first responders to use.

Easy Installation

Designed for fast, trouble-free installation, automatic programming mode finds connected devices and creates a general alarm program, reducing installation time and labor.

Flexible, Tailored Solutions

Fire alarm control units that are feature rich and offer easy installation, lower lifecycle costs and operational efficiency. Select the control unit that’s the right fit for your facility and application.

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