MX Addressable Bases

UL reliability, EN54 functionality: Simplex MX Sensors and Bases give you the best of both worlds

Designed for customers in the Middle East, Asia, and India, Simplex MX callpoints offer a comprehensive range of UL-listed break-glass devices for projects that require a loop-powered, software addressable approach.

  • Appealing design blends into any décor
  • Faster, easier, lower-cost installation improves productivity
  • Simple, fast programming helps installers meet project deadlines
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Ultimate Stop for Sophisticated Solutions

The Simplex ES MX interface brings an incredible level of capability and flexibility to Simplex systems by enabling powered loop architecture and the use of loop-powered sensors, bases, notification appliances, and peripherals. Compatible with Simplex 4100ES, 4010ES, and 4007ES fire alarm control units, ES MX interface cards provide loop power, device communication monitoring, supervision, and control for up to 250 addressable initiating devices or notification appliances. Multiple ES MX Loop Interface Modules can be used to increase the number of loops and overall system capacity. This approach pairs powerful Simplex networking, graphical workstations, and audio capabilities with UL-listed, EN-approved MX peripherals. MX sensors feature soft addressing and can be paired with a comprehensive range of bases, including standard bases with and without isolation; sounder bases; and sounder bases with beacons. Together, MX sensors and bases can meet the fire protection needs of virtually any space.
Ultimate Stop for Sophisticated Solutions


  • Loop powered sensors and bases:A single loop delivers power, control, and supervision of sensors, reducing wiring and simplifying installation.
  • Agency approvals:All sensors and bases meet stringent UL and EN requirements.
  • Appealing design:Low profile and sleek contoured design help the devices blend into a facility‚Äôs environment.
  • Wide range of options:Choose from photo, heat, and CO sensors; bases with and without isolation; loop powered sounder bases; single and dual I/O modules; relay, signal, monitor, and separate line-powered isolator modules; indoor and outdoor break glass call points; single- and dual-action manual stations.
  • Soft addressing:Device addresses are stored in the sensor head and programming can be changed from the control unit or using a QR code and mobile phone app.


Industry-Leading Technology

Simplex fire alarm systems deliver advanced technology designed to meet all your life safety and compliance needs.

The Advantages Of Ul And En54

MX devices offer the best of both worlds exclusively for customers in the Middle East, Asia, and India.

Flexible, Tailored Solutions

With a broad range of devices and options, Simplex systems can fit the needs of nearly any facility and application.

Greater Long-Term Value

Easier design, faster commissioning means that MX sensors, modules and call points can save you time, money, and labor throughout their lifecycle.