4010ES Fire Alarm Control Units

Ideal for mid-size buildings

The addressable, networkable Simplex 4010ES is ideal for mid-size buildings requiring up to 1,000 points. The optional color touch screen display makes the 4010ES extremely easy to use, and it’s compatible with all Simplex TrueAlarm sensors and TrueAlert ES notification appliances.

  • Scalability allows you to accommodate growth from 250 to 1,000 points
  • IP networking offers speed and flexibility at every stage
  • The 4010ES delivers all the benefits of addressability with TrueAlarm addressable sensors and TrueAlert ES notification appliances
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Designed to Suit Mid-Size Buildings of up to 1000 Points

The addressable, fully networkable Simplex 4010ES supports up to 1,000 detectors, modules, or manual stations and is ideal for mid-sized facilities. An optional color touch screen display puts all the information and controls you need at your fingertips, even if you are wearing gloves. Features including ground fault isolation and dirty smoke sensor status reports help to minimize installation time, enable proactive maintenance, and help prevent nuisance alarms.
Designed to Suit Mid-Size Buildings of up to 1000 Points


  • Intuitive interface:The ES touchscreen display makes operation easy.
  • Networkable: The 4010ES can connect with other Simplex fire alarm control units and graphical management workstations.
  • Emergency voice communication:In conjunction with a standalone Simplex 4003EC voice control panel, the 4010ES can function as part of an Emergency Communications or Mass Notification System.
  • Addressable performance:The 4010ES is compatible with Simplex TrueAlert ES self-testing, addressable notification appliances and TrueAlarm addressable sensors.
  • Suppression release control:The 4010ES is agency-listed for multi-hazard suppression release applications.
  • Flexible, addressable wiring infrastructure:Upgrading and expanding systems is easier and more cost-effective.


True Addressability

Enabling you to easily manage each device on your life-safety network. Addressability means lower installation and maintenance costs, fewer nuisance alarms, and convenient self-testing.

Forward/Backward Compatibility

Simplex control units are designed so you can leverage your existing infrastructure for cost-effective upgrades and expand your systems with minimal disruption.

Flexible, Tailored Solutions

Simplex fire alarm control units are scalable, feature-rich and offer easier installation, lower lifecycle costs and operational efficiency.

Greater Long-Term Value

With design flexibility, easier installation, improved operational efficiency and addressable technology, Simplex control units save you time, money, and labor throughout their lifecycle.

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