4100ES Remote Annunciators

Provides fire alarm control unit status information at locations distant from the fire alarm control panel

Stay in control of your fire alarm system with local annunciation of up to 12,000 points on your network. Simplex Remote Annunciators deliver emergency, trouble, and other event notification from monitored points on an LCD or optional full-color touch screen display.

  • Remote fire alarm control unit status and control keep users informed and in charge
  • Microphone and firefighter master telephone improve communication and emergency response
  • Choose either an LCD or color touch screen display
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Take Control Remotely

Remote Annunciator Panels are dedicated-purpose transponders that support fire alarm system status information. They are typically used when the host fire alarm control panel is located away from the area where those responding to a fire situation need status information. Remote annunciators allow firefighters to access information and take control of the fire detection system. When equipped with an optional remote microphone and emergency voice/alarm communications system control, operators can play prerecorded emergency messages, tones, or make live broadcasts into selected areas or globally across the system. Annunciators can include remote master firefighter telephones. These allow annunciator users to connect with remote firefighter phone call-in requests and enable firefighter phone callers to be connected to each other. Although intended for use in assisting fire responders, these phones are also helpful during system setup and testing.
Take Control Remotely


  • Remote microphone and operator interface:Users can access the emergency voice/alarm communications system from the annunciator.
  • Easy-to-use operator interface:Remote Annunciators feature a 2 x 40-character LCD. An optional color touchscreen display makes accessing system reports and responding to emergencies simple and intuitive. An easy-to-use, color touch screen interface is also available.
  • Remote master telephone:First responders can communicate directly with the firefighter telephone system.
  • Future-proof design: Simplex control units can be easily upgraded to the latest technology.


Remote System Access And Control

See and control what’s happening in your fire alarm system without having to go to the main control unit location.

Ease Of Use

Choose either an LCD screen or optional color touch screen for easy access to information and fast emergency response.

Emergency Audio Announcements

Optional microphone and emergency voice/alarm communications system control allows operators to play prerecorded or live emergency messages into selected locations or throughout the entire facility.

Greater Long-Term Value

With design flexibility, easier installation, improved operational efficiency and addressable technology, Simplex control units save you time, money, and labor throughout their lifecycle.