TrueAlert ES Horns and Strobes

Exceptional flexibility and the industry’s only self-testing capability

The perfect fire detection system is energy-efficient, dependable, easy to maintain and excellent at alerting occupants when there’s an emergency. Easier installation, simplified service and hassle-free adds, moves and changes make TrueAlert the right choice for your facility.

  • One-of-a-kind self-testing capability and appliance supervision maximize reliability and minimize hassle
  • Energy-efficient, programmable appliances make systems easy to design, install, maintain and expand
  • Appliance information and test history are stored in the control unit and easily retrieved to generate compliance reports
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Enhanced Protection at Lower Operating Costs

Addressable technology revolutionized fire detection systems. Simplex has brought that same revolutionary approach to the notification systems that warn building occupants in the event of a fire or other emergency. The Simplex TrueAlert ES family of intelligent, addressable horns, strobes, and horn/strobes, reimagines every aspect of notification, from design and installation to maintenance, testing and expansion. The result is appliances that deliver better protection, maximum ease of use and lower operating costs.
Enhanced Protection at Lower Operating Costs


  • Self-testing capability:All horns, strobes and horn/strobes on the system can be tested in seconds, even automatically, without disrupting building occupants and operations.
  • Faster, easier, lower-cost installation:Addressable technology, t-tap capability and a flexible wiring scheme make it possible to significantly cut installation time and cost, often using smaller-gauge, unshielded wiring.
  • Wide range of appliances:TrueAlert ES horns, strobes, and horn/strobes are available in red or white, wall or ceiling mount, and weatherproof configurations. Select appliance type, labeling, and lens color to create an appliance that’s perfect for your needs.
  • More power, simpler designs:Higher circuit voltages, more efficient power use, and flexible wiring architecture enable system designers to create circuits that go farther and support more appliances.
  • Stronger documentation and reporting capabilities:Appliance information and test history are stored and can be easily retrieved from a Simplex ES panel to generate compliance reports.
  • Automatic ADA compliance:All TrueAlert ES appliances on a network loop are automatically synchronized to meet ADA requirements and no special programming, wiring or adapter modules are required.


Automatic Self-Testing

Test all your appliances in seconds without having to visit them. Save time, reduce labor, and eliminate occupant disruption.

Industry-Leading Technology

Simplex notification solutions lead the market in flexibility, performance, and reliability, offering easier design and more cost-effective installation.

True Addressability

Intelligent appliances are uniquely identifiable, individually programmable, and easier to maintain.

Greater Long-Term Value

With more efficient installation, automated testing, easier reconfiguration, and simplified expansion, Simplex notification solutions save you time and money throughout the life of your system.

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