TrueAlarm I/O Modules and Peripherals

Add addressability to conventional devices

You can add addressability to conventional devices, such as flow switches with Simplex addressable modules.

  • Easily interface other devices and systems to your Simplex addressable fire alarm control unit
  • Provide point identification, monitoring, and control to conventional devices and external systems
  • Power and communication isolation to increase system integrity
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Reliable Solution

Simplex IDNet addressable modules provide addressability, point monitoring, and control to conventional devices and other systems like elevators, HVAC, and sprinklers. Simplex products include a wide range of innovative addressable modules, including multi-point modules, modules that permit individual reporting from flow and tamper switches on the same circuit and isolator modules that protect power wiring from short circuits and ground faults.
Reliable Solution


  • Individual addressable modules (IAMs):Receiving both power and communications from a two-wire circuit, IAMs provide location-specific addressability to a single initiating device (such as single station smoke detector alarm contacts or heat detector cont
  • The Security Monitor IAM:Get location-specific addressability for up to five initiating devices, such as window or door magnet switch contacts or other similar security devices.
  • IDNet/MAPNET II Monitor ZAMs:Users can enable a single addressable point to monitor a conventional initiating device circuit (IDC) populated with 2-wire or 4-wire initiating devices.
  • IDNet Relay IAMs:These modules allow the fire alarm control unit to control a remotely-located Form “C” contact. Typical applications include elevator capture and control of HVAC components, such as pressurization fans and dampers.
  • The Single Address Six Point Module:This module allows the IDNet communication channel to monitor four T-sense input circuits and control two output relays from a single compact module requiring a single address.
  • Communications Isolators:These devices provide IDNet communication and power isolation, improving installation convenience and increasing system integrity.


True Addressability

Enabling you to easily monitor and manage your entire facility's life safety infrastructure with point monitoring, control, and reporting.

Better Management And Response

Integrating devices and systems with your Simplex system allows the fire alarm to become a centralized management, reporting, and emergency response platform, a more convenient and efficient solution.


Simplex IO modules and peripherals are compatible with Simplex 4100ES, 4010ES, and 4007ES fire alarm control units.

Flexible, Tailored Solutions

A range of devices and capabilities makes it easy to customize protection for your site’s specific needs.

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