Addressable Aspirating Detectors

Remote smoke detection

Keep everyone safe, even in hard-to-access duct environments or challenging areas with the Simplex XAD remote smoke detector.

  • Remote sensor mounting for easier access, testing, and service
  • Can be used with constant and variable-flow air handling systems
  • Prevent the spread of smoke and toxic gas through the HVAC system
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Employs High-end Technology to Detect Smoke

The Simplex XAD uses air active, air sampling, and advanced TrueAlarm smoke sensing technology to monitor hard-to-reach ducts, remote spaces, and areas that present special safety, security or access challenges such as electrical equipment rooms, hospital MRI rooms, elevator shafts, and correctional facilities.
Employs High-end Technology to Detect Smoke


  • Flexible installation:The XAD enables remote sensor location for ducts with difficult service areas.
  • Active sampling technology:Air is drawn through the system by a fan and does not rely on airflow at the sampling point.
  • Product choice:The XAD is available as a single or dual inlet detection system with one TrueAlarm photoelectric sensor and addressable base per inlet.
  • Testing support:A test port allows for the easy introduction of a smoke source during testing.
  • Convenience and safety:The sensors, fan, filters, and test points can be located up to 82 feet away from the sampling point.
  • Addressability: Simplex addressable sensors integrate the XAD with the Simplex initiating device network to provide high-performance, programmable, and supervised detection.
  • Easily-accessible filter element:Maintenance is fast and easy.


Industry-Leading Technology

Simplex sensors and detectors offers performance and reliability for quick detection of fire, smoke and heat events.

Tailored Solutions For Every Space

The wide range of Simplex TrueAlarm Addressable Sensors and initiating devices lets you choose the right technology for your facility’s needs.

Meaningful Innovation

Simplex techology delivers a detection platform designed for faster response and fewer nuisance alarms.

Long-Term Value

Our sensors and detection devices are reliable, efficient, easy to manage and simple to upgrade.