TrueAlarm Addressable Bases

Easily installed and retrofittable options you need to satisfy virtually any application

Paired together, TrueAlarm addressable sensors and bases can meet nearly any application and code requirement. With addressing built into the base, and programmable sensor operation, installation, inspection, cleaning, and service are quick and easy.

  • Addressing in the base ensures easier installation and service
  • Available integrated sounders are easy to retrofit and ideal for hospitality applications
  • CO sensor base with a 10-year life span and easily replaceable sensor cartridge offers long-lasting protection
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Flexible Design that Facilitates a Variety of Applications

Simplex addressable sensor bases come in a variety of configurations, including specialty models with integrated relay, isolator, sounder and low frequency sounder options. TrueAlarm sensor and base models can be configured in any combination to meet the specific needs of the space being protected and local code requirements. Simplex sensors have their address in the base, an approach that customers often prefer because of its many advantages. Facility managers appreciate the ease of maintenance. Heads can be replaced in any base without affecting system operation. There’s no need to assign a new address when replacing a detector or to keep track of which sensor “goes” with each base. With this flexible design approach, it’s easy to replace or upgrade either the base or the sensor to meet changes in occupancy or evolving code requirements.
Flexible Design that Facilitates a Variety of Applications


  • Broad product selection: A wide variety of bases including specialty models can be matched with any Simplex addressable sensor to fulfill virtually any requirement.
  • Available integrated sounders:Ideal for retrofit and hospitality applications, sounder bases provide audible (including low frequency) signaling without requiring the installation of a separate notification appliance.
  • Easier installation and service:Hardware addressing in the base makes sensor installation, cleaning, and replacement simpler. No need to keep track of individual sensors or use cumbersome programming tools.
  • CO sensor base:Available with and without an integrated sounder, the CO sensor base adds protection against toxic gas poisoning. When used in conjunction with other sensing technologies, the CO sensor base can also reduce nuisance alarms.


Industry-Leading Technology

Simplex sensors, bases and initiating devices offer reliable performance, programmability, nuisance alarm immunity, and are UL268 7th Edition listed to meet the latest standards.

True Addressability

Enabling you to easily monitor and manage each sensor. Addressability means easier installation, lower maintenance costs, and convenient testing.

Flexible, Tailored Solutions

A range of models and sensing technologies provides customized protection to meet your site’s specific needs.

Forward/Backward Compatibility

Simplex systems are designed so you can leverage your existing infrastructure for cost-effective upgrades and expand your systems with minimal disruption.