4004R Suppression Releasing Panel

Faster, more accurate suppression releasing control

Stay one step ahead of danger with the Simplex 4004R. This two-hazard releasing system incorporates a wide array of features into a small, cost-effective package.

  • Dual hazard protection helps ensure occupant safety
  • Unit combines agent release and preaction operation
  • Modes of operation include automatic extinguishing release
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Prompts Fire Extinguishing Quickly

The Simplex 4004R is designed specifically for suppression release operation. Its dual hazards can be programmed to provide an agent release for one hazard and preaction or deluge for a second hazard, giving a high degree of flexibility and protection. With the early detection capability, fires can be extinguished quickly, mitigating damage and safeguarding lives.
Prompts Fire Extinguishing Quickly


  • Ample capacity:Unit supports four initiating device circuits, two notification appliance circuits and two releasing appliance circuits.
  • Manual control:Two special-purpose monitor inputs accept manual release and abort requests.
  • Event log:System allows logging of up to 50 events.
  • Audible Event Escalation:Stage 1 activates Temporal or 20 bpm March Time pattern; Stage 2 activates 120 bpm March Time pattern to indicate release timer active; Release activates On Steady to indicate release timer expired and actuator is activated.
  • Auxiliary relays:Three auxiliary relays offer selectable functions.
  • Flexible programming:Operators can set up the unit from the front panel or a PC.


Industry Leading Technology

Simplex systems deliver advanced technology designed to meet all your life safety and compliance needs.

Flexible Operation

Designed specifically for suppression release operation, the 4004R enables you to select and program a variety of releasing sequences directly from the panel without the need for an off-line programming tool.

Tailored Protection

With dual hazard protection and multiple modes of operation, Simplex suppression release panels enable you to set fire extinguishing processes to each environment’s needs.