TrueAlert Text Messaging Appliance

Messaging appliance with large LED display for textual notifications

Take safety to the next level with a visual messaging appliance. If an emergency strikes, our high-visibility, multi-color LED display offers an easy way to alert building occupants, and potentially save lives.

  • Helps hearing-impaired occupants get the information they need to respond to emergencies
  • The fire alarm system provides power, battery backup power, and supervision
  • UL listing provides an added level of assurance
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Added Protection Through Textual Alarm Notifications

In areas with high noise levels or poor acoustics and audio intelligibility such as train stations, manufacturing plants and airports, it can be difficult for building occupants to hear and understand alarm messages and emergency instructions. It’s also vital to convey critical information to the hearing-impaired. The Simplex TrueAlert Text Messaging Appliance provides the solution with a high-visibility, LED text message board that delivers an extra level of protection by adding textual alarm notifications and emergency instructions. In addition, during normal facility operation, the Text Messaging Appliance can be used for the routine display of information, such as news, announcements, school lunch menus and more.
Added Protection Through Textual Alarm Notifications


  • A great option for noisy environments:The TrueAlert Text Messaging Appliance delivers critical alarm and response information in areas where voice announcements may be difficult to hear.
  • Flexible use:The TrueAlert Text Messaging Appliance can deliver custom messages of all kinds in the absence of an alarm condition.
  • UL listed:The TrueAlert Text Messaging Appliance is the first with a UL listing for fire alarm notification.
  • Improved support for the hearing-impaired:Critical visual information enables the hearing-impaired to take effective action in an emergency.
  • Direct fire alarm system integration:The TrueAlert Text Messaging Appliance is powered and supervised by the fire alarm system, including battery back-up.


Industry-Leading Technology

Simplex addressable notification solutions lead the market in flexibility, performance and reliability. They offer simpler design, easier installation, automated testing, and simplified regulatory compliance.

Tailored Solutions

The wide range of Simplex notification appliances and speakers ensures that you have access to the right device for every space.

True Addressability

Intelligent, uniquely identifiable, individually programmable and self-testing, TrueAlert ES addressable appliances are easy to manage, save time and labor and prevent occupant disruption.

Greater Long-Term Value

With more efficient installation, automated testing, easier reconfiguration and simplified expansion, Simplex notification solutions save time and money throughout the life of your system.

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