Training Services

Designed to develop your staff’s knowledge of Simplex fire and life-safety systems

With flexible learning options, Simplex Training Services enable you to develop competency among your staff on all the installed systems and technologies we offer.

  • Flexible options to meet your needs and schedule, including web-based and online content
  • Enables your team to utilize the full capabilities of your system
  • Build employee confidence, competency, and enable compliance with local regulations requiring training
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Imparting the Right Training

Technical product training can be an important part of getting the most from your fire and life-safety systems. Our blend of eLearning, instructor led, and virtual instructor led training provides high-quality, professional instruction. These programs are designed to develop competency among your staff and are available for all systems and technologies we offer. Our industry-leading Fire Detection product and sales training is based on the work that technicians and salespeople do every day and is designed to help them meet customer needs. These courses combine extensive product knowledge with practical, hands-on experience. For training available in your region, reach out to your local Simplex representative.
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Imparting the Right Training


  • Technician Courses: Our technician courses provide hands-on experience with the equipment and software Simplex field engineers use on the job. Our courses start with our smallest capacity, least complex system and progress to the largest, most sophisticated designs including networking, audio, and graphical management consoles. These courses build knowledge of our full-line of products and develop the skills you need to install and maintain them.
  • Sales Courses: Our scenario-based sales courses prepare our global network of sales representatives to sell Simplex Fire Detection Systems. We provide information about the features and benefits of our products, how to create system designs and using our order entry systems.
  • End User Training:Designed for facility maintenance and building management teams, these courses focus on operation, maintenance, and programming for both standalone and networked fire alarm systems.


Broad Class Portfolio

We offer a full range of training options and formats to meet your needs.


Our customers can schedule training times and intervals that best suit their organizational requirements.

Peace Of Mind

Our programs give your employees confidence and competency.